Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shooting an Elephant

Hello m'lovely readers! Sorry, I haven't updated/posted in awhile. I guess you can say I have neglected this blog for far too long. First semester of senior year was so stressful and I barely found time to take a breather. I'll try my best to stay on top of updating this blog as much as possible and posting more videos on my Youtube channel. I thought I would do a picture diary of my nothing-too-eventful today. I was merely home, working on assignments, and doing laundry.

I got up later than usually because I completely disregarded my alarm. So I made a mango-peach-cranberry smoothie and munched on all the raisins in the trail mix bag.  

One of my sister's gifts to me was the collected works of E. Allan Poe. I love the vintage binding and the dark tone of the cover. I can't wait to go through the entire book!

 Next stop was laundry. Another addition of my sister's gifts was this Downy Un-Stoppable scent booster. I was raving to my sister how good this smelled so she decided to buy me one. I just took the load out of the dryer and it smells heavenly.

 For lunch my sister was munching on her version of a grilled cheese sandwich; she added pepperoni to it and it was actually quite delicious. 

Here I am again with my set up of the day. Just typing away on my laptop with my phone and iPod Touch at the ready. I am also reading George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant for my AP English class. It's pretty good so far. 

Sorry about this generic, boring update. Nothing to do with clothing or fashion or anything in between those lines. But regardless, I am still alive! I promise I'll be posting a lot more soon.

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  1. as exams are approaching for me - my weekend has been pretty uneventful too - studying, doing laundry etc. really nice shots here though - I'm so in love <3

    Check out my latest post featuring favourite tunes + outfit!


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