Monday, January 16, 2012


This is an outfit post for yesterday! (January 15th, 2012) I had a day out with my baby sis! The weather was really bi-polar... It was pretty gloomy when I woke up and during the car ride it started to rain then stop then pour then just stop again. So I had to add on layers to keep warm. Overall, I had a good time and ate so much! We had dim sum and went to random vendors to buy food and drinks afterwards. 
Maxi Dress // Salvation Army
Vintage Doney & Burke Sling Over // Flea Market
T-Strap Wedges // U.O.
Dim Sum! I haven't had this in the longest.

La-love her! Tastes like chicken.... Haha. I'll try to upload more pictures on my flickr!

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