Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cameras Are Talking

Hi there guys! I know I haven't had a real post in the longest but this hopefully this will slide. I had a mini-photo shoot with my sister recently and here are some of the snap shots. Apparently many of my friends claimed this to look very vintage-y... Maybe it is because of the film quality? More photoz can be viewed here.

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely spring break! Mine has not been what I would call very productive but I am enjoying my time off all the stress. Too bad it is all going away next week when AP exams and state testing is the only thing on every single one of my teacher's mind. -sigh-


  1. these are awesome! :D I love the colours, film cameras definitely make things look more awesome ... I'm taking my Holga out for a trip now :) xo

  2. Love your t-shirt! The photographs came out beautifully, the colours look great x

  3. Wow these photographs are absolutely stunning! And so is your blog in general. This is our first time on it and we really like it.
    Especially loving your shirt in this post :)

    Leah and Georgia ♥


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